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Amateur Advisor.

What qualifies me to advise on ways to save and make money?
For 20 years I have being managing the personal finances of 'Richardson PLC'. I hold no qualifications in personal finance nor do I work for a company that practices or provide financial advice.
If you can relate your circumstances in some way to my own personal experiences there may be ways that you can increase your disposable income. You must do your own research since not all my suggestions may be applicable to your own personal circumstances.

If you can manage your financial arrangements; mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, car payments and can control your spending so your monthly income is not exceeded then you have skills sufficient to look for ways to save or make money.
As an example when I borrow money I will look at whether I have savings perhaps 3x greater. I am cautious and if I want to incur debt I want to be able to cover myself should I lose my primary source of income. This is my preference. You should perhaps consider whether a form of insurance associated with a loan to cover loss of income would be more appropriate for your needs.
A personal example that has saved me money was to have my vehicle converted to run on LPG fuel. The actual vehicle can be considered dual fuel since it retains the ability to run on unleaded petrol. However I do a daily commute of 90 miles and the cost savings when running on LPG are considerable. Against the savings one has to consider the cost of the conversion was £1100 but in one year the fuel cost savings more than paid the cost back. I have had 2 years savings since then. I have not observed any increased servicing costs and reliability does not appear to have suffered. Time will tell if there is any adverse effect on the vehicle from running on LPG but so far all is well.
Savings can be made everywhere. Avid bookworms can utilise a public library to keep up with their reading material rather than pay full price for new books. Alternately there are online vendors which offer discounted books for sale. Charity shops and car boot or church sales might also have the book you are looking for. Conversly you can sell your old books you no longer want to raise some money. My local library loans CDs, Video games, DVDs and Audio books. Even an hour of internet access can be had for free as long as you hold a library card.

Review your income and expenditure. There are resources on the web that you can use to calculate your finances and budget. There are lots of companies out there who want your business so shop around for the deal which suits you. Follow up your ideas for making money but plan how much it will cost you to achieve any possible returns. Some great ideas might not make you a vast amount of money in the short term but you might see fruits of your labour in the long run.

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